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Take Action
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In October 2002, a team of 16 volunteers from UK based Take Action charity organization joined hands with the Care & Share International Limited, to hold the first ever medical camp at SKSN. This team included doctors, opticians, teachers, and IT project managers, who teamed up with 8 volunteers from local hospitals and orthopaedic industries to provide free health-screening to the children and the local community, including specialist ophthalmic and orthopaedic assessments.

The success of this camp forged a really strong bond between SKSN and Take Action. A number of camps have been held at SKSN since October 2002.

Orthotic Workshop
By November 2003, Take Action managed to raise part of the funds to set up the Orthotic Workshop at SKSN to produce custom-made calipers for the children. This is a current and ongoing initiative for the group.

Teenage Volunteers
For the 2005 camp, Take Action's team members included 5 of the youngest volunteers to work at SKSN to date. Two of them hailed from the US, and the other three came from the UK.

We, at SKSN, were quite worried about how these teenage youngsters would fit into SKSN's rural way of life when they had been brought up in an environment where they have everything at their fingertips. To our pleasant surprise, the mini adults chalked out a full schedule for themselves from day one. Their activities included teaching the boys rugby, computer skills, karate, classical Indian dance and English. In return, they learnt the basics about Kabaddi, and we hope, they returned home with some knowledge of Hindi. Anjuli Mehta, only 12 years old, seen dancing below, collected almost 1200 USD through her own fundraiser efforts - she performed over 300 kicks during a single bout of kick boxing, without ever letting her foot touch the ground. This topped her teacher's record!

IMAGE Program
March 2004 took the partnership between SKSN and Take Action yet another step further, when both organizations clubbed together and developed the IMAGE program.