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The Challenge

For physically challenged children, life's physical boundaries have been defined early in life. The words 'YOU CAN'T' and 'YOU MAY NOT' have been the relentless echoes ringing in their ears. They have often lived in a society where they are excluded from everyday life, have very little self-respect or dignity, and where being independent is impossible.

If they are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend school, the disabled may then be expected to achieve academically, however it is often not expected that they will compete and even excel in physical activities.

Building Confidence

At SKSN we place equal importance on physical education and academic studies to explode these myths.

Chanchal, a physically challenged student at SKSN - 'In our school, studies as well as sports are given importance. For SMS, [a nearby able bodied girls' school] sports are only sports, but for us, sports are a medium by which we can express ourselves. Through sports, we are knowing the world, because of these games many people know us. We are physically handicapped but we have a strong mind and people with an able mind can achieve a lot. We have achieved a lot and for this, we were inspired by our school. Now I realise that we can do anything in our life'.

In 2002 and 2003 the children have taken part in UK's National Mini Games - a mini version of the Para Olympics - for 8-12 year olds, and have left with most of the gold medals and trophies.

President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam meets the girls    Prime Minister Mr. Atal 
      Bihari Vajpayee meets the boys on their return from London after the Mini 

As well as taking part in a full sports curriculum, our kids also take part in the recently developed IMAGE program supported by the Laureus 'Sport for Good Foundation'. This program brings together physically challenged and able bodied kids to compete together, alongside each other as opposed to against each other, in a range of sports.

This special emphasis on physical education at the school, has led the SKSN students to build up their self-esteem and gain copious amounts of self-confidence. Sports have brought out the 'other side' of the children too… the sunny side, the joys, the aspirations, the hopes, the talents - some still dormant - the opportunity 'to be' and not merely 'exist'.