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When Disability Sport England invited the SKSN students to take part in their Mini Games, we were delighted. But when it came to the logistics of taking the kids to the UK, we were faced with a nightmare. Luckily for us, Air India agreed to fly the team out to London. A dear friend of SKSN, Raisham Khan, made contact with Lion Manubhai Patel (now affectionately called 'Manu Dada', meaning grandfather, by the kids) from Greenford Willow Tree Lions Club, and the Lions swung into action.

The UK Lions Clubs of Greenford, Golders Green, Seven Kings and Sudbury provided great support for the 2002 Boys' and 2003 Girls' Team trips, by sourcing funds for accommodation & food, organising transport and outings for the children. With the balance of the funds that were left over, they bought a bus for the SKSN kids. Additionally, the clubs have raised funds for food, medicines and a music faculty, which ran for a period of 2 years.