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SKSN is mostly funded by donations for everything from each roti (flat bread) that the children eat each day, to large projects such as girls and boys hostels and orthotic facilities. We are currently raising funds for the projects below -

For more details, visit our partner Indiability Foundation.

Over 350 of the boys sleep on the classroom floors every night, packing up their blankets each morning to make way for lessons. We are raising funds to build classrooms, so that the boys can have their own separate dormitories. This would mean that the kids would finally have the opportunity of sleeping on beds and sitting at desks to study properly - something that their Western counterparts take for granted.

Donate a Caliper
In November 2003, Take Action managed to raise part of the funds to set up the Orthotic Workshop at SKSN to produce custom-made calipers for the children.

This allowed the children who had only been using the unwieldy, incredibly heavy, metal government-issue calipers, which are made to a standard fit. The SKSN Limb Workshop calipers are light weight to help with ease of walking, and molded to each child's requirements, so that there is a smooth fit between the appliance and the limb.

Each single caliper costs 56 (4500 Rupees).

Computer Lab Extensions
Over 120 children, 14 - 18 year old boys and girls, are taught in our computer lab, on 7 computers with old specifications and software. There is no access to the internet, no printing facilities, networking of computers or computer aided learning material.

The computer lab extension will add more computers to the lab so that all children can have access to the machines on a regular basis. Other priorities are supplying a printer so the children can print their work, internet access, and educational CDs. Computer aided learning material will be a great help to the children, not only in technology, but also across all academic subjects..

Plastic / Corrective Surgery Support
Students such as Prem Huda, a victim of severe burns, and Hari Singh, who suffers deformities in both legs as the result of Polio, need corrective surgery in specialist hospitals in locations far from Jodhpur, such as Delhi and Kerala.

As the SKSN students come from very poor backgrounds, the school covers their transportation and accommodation costs, both for the student, and the parents, so that they can by the bedside of their child as he or she undergoes these traumatic operations.

There are a number of children at SKSN awaiting funding for their operative treatment to continue. These are operations which will make such an impact to their ongoing quality of life.