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Karin Demuth
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 One day in 1998, a German lady called Karin Demuth, turned up unexpectedly on SKSN's doorstep after seeing only a 3-minute segment on the school in a BBC / ZDF TV documentary screened in 1997. Titled 'After the Raj', it was produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Indian independence and was hosted by BBC's top reporter David Dimbleby.

After spending some days living at the school, she funded the first section of the hostel for physically challenged boys'. Karin was the first foreign donor to help SKSN. And, she's been a ceaseless supporter ever since - helping to raise funds for everything from the School Dispensary and the Computer Lab, to medicines, books and sanitary supplies. She continues to visit the school and spend time with the children every year, sometimes with her husband Walter.

Karin is affectionately known as 'The Mother of SKSN'.