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For the last 2 years, the children have taken part in UK's National Mini Games (a mini version of the Para Olympics) for 8-12 year olds and have left with most of the gold medals and trophies.

Boys at the Mini Games

In 2002, a group of 10 boys were entered into the games, winning 10 golds' and 'the best sports boy' of the tournament prize. They competed in their bare feet and socks since they did not have the appropriate equipment, and on first meeting the other children and seeing their equipment base, felt they would not win anything! Far from it, they won the table tennis event despite never holding a bat in their hands before now.

Girls at the Mini Games

In 2003, a little better prepared, with running shoes etc, 8 girls came to not only meet the standard laid down by the boys, but to excel further. They left with 16 gold medals, and 'the best sports girl' trophy of the tournament was bagged by Sangeeta Vishnoi, a bilateral amputee, seen right.

To find out more view - SKSN Girls Squad at the Mini Games

Each of these events have not only propelled the confidence of the children on the team, but inspired a whole school to succeed. They know that it does not take excellent equipment to win a game, but determination and a will to make it.