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All students participate in twice daily physical training sessions and a full sporting curriculum which has been developed to build up their working muscles to compensate for those which are not.


For the severely disabled, parallel bars have been erected on which the students do handstand runs. Handstand runs, both on the parallel bars and the ground, help build-up and strengthen the students upper body muscles which must then support their overall weight.


For the less disabled students, exercises on the 'Malkam Pole' and the 'Malkam Rope' are used. Both these activities originate from the State of Maharashtra. The Malkam Pole is a 13-ft high teak pole, where the children climb up to the top of the rod, and balance their bodies on its 3-inch tip while performing a yoga asana.

Similarly, the Malkam Rope is entwined around the body when it's hanging from a 23-ft high bar, and yogic asanas are accomplished by hanging in mid air.


For students who are able to stand, Lazeum was started. This is an ancient Maharashtran warfare exercise, where rows of participants have to move their arms, legs and bodies in synchronised unison, while swinging hand-held instruments which jingle and rattle. This ritual helps to keep the participants extremely supple.


Physical Training - 'PT' and Team Sports

All students in the school must participate in a daily Physical Training session which exercises arms to a rhythmic beat building up upper body strength and flexibility.

As the children have become more confident in recent years and as part of the IMAGE program, cricket, basketball and Kabaddi have been included.