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SKSN Staff

Sardar Singh - Senior English Teacher
Narendra Singh - Senior Geography Teacher
Manohar Singh - Senior Sanskrit Teacher
Anil Kumar - Senior Science Teacher
Ashvini Kumar - Senior Maths Teacher

Prathavi Singh - Junior Hindi Teacher
Rupesh Kumar - Junior History Teacher
Manoj Vyas - Junior Maths Teacher
Mool Dan - Junior Teacher of History
Bhopal Singh - Junior Teacher of Geography

S.N. Tripati - Computer Science Teacher
Sanjay Kumar - Assistant Science Teacher
Gajendra Singh - Librarian
Amar Singh - Physical Training Instructor
Ayaz Mohammed - Music Teacher
Jetha Ram - Vocational Training Teacher Carpentry

Mrs. Sheena Thomas - Medical Assistant
Mrs. Preet Kaur - Physio Therapist

Mrs Mitalesh Kanwar - Warden of the Girls Hostel
R.S. Shekarat - Warden of Boys Hostel
Mrs. Lila Bai - Girls Caretaker
Mrs Tija Bai - Care Assistant Junior Pupils

Kishore Kumar - Peon
Jogu Singh - Junior Office Clerk
R.P. Joshi - Senior Office Clerk

Dinesh Kumar - Sweeper
Mrs Vimla - Sweeper

Kishan Singh - Cook
Hajari Singh - Cook
Karam Singh - Cook
Indra Singh - Cook

Dharmendra Singh - Assistant Cook
Gulab Singh - Assistant Cook

Prakash - Dish Washer