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Sneh Gupta - Executive Director of SKSN

Sneh has been actively and passionately involved with SKSN since 1998. This unique school first came to her attention in 1996, when she was researching a prestigious 2-part documentary series for UK's BBC Television. SKSN was filmed for the programs, which were produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Indian Independence.

Sneh was born in Nairobi, Kenya where she lived for 17 years before moving to Germany, and then to the United Kingdom. She started her television career in the UK, in 1978, initially working as an actress and presenter for all the UK broadcasters and some in the US, but slowly turned her hand to television production work in the late 80's.

Sneh moved to India permanently in August 1996, and now divides her time between Manaklao and the rest of India. Her decision to shift to India, after living in England for almost three decades, came about because she wanted to make documentaries which shattered the stereotypical images that the West has been harbouring about India for centuries. She wanted to make programs which gave the audiences a deeper understanding of India's people and its social fabric. Since living in India, she has worked on a huge slate of documentary programs in the capacity of Researcher, Location Manager, Assistant Producer, and latterly as Director, for broadcasters such as The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Channel 4, the BBC, Star TV and Bayerischer Rundfunk TV.

Sneh's prime responsibility as the Executive Director of SKSN involves broadening this rural boarding school's horizons. This entails forging alliances with individuals and organizations that share her vision of putting the SKSN ethos - a centre of excellence for the physically challenged - on the world map. In 2001, she was instrumental in introducing physically challenged rural girl students to the school, which until then, only provided schooling for boys; she strongly believes in disabled girls having the same rights to an education as their able-bodied counterparts. Today, SKSN accommodates 146 underprivileged girls, which will be increased to 200 in the 2005 academic school year, who would otherwise be deprived of an education.

Sneh has come full circle. She began her professional working life as a nurse before embarking on the glitzy path to showbiz. During this time, she was lucky to be given the opportunity to travel to lots of countries around the world, stay in some of the best hotels, wine and dine in some of the finest restaurants, and have her pick of designer labels. But she's happiest now, when she is back to working in an environment where she can make a difference in someone's life.