15 male students from the school have gone onto university, and others have gone onto to work in the Post Office, the Courts, another has a successful Carpentry business.
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10:15 Lessons

Teaching takes place for 6 hours a day, consisting of 8 periods of 40 minutes each. The students are taught mathematics, science, political science, Hindi, geography, Sanskrit, English, history and vocational subjects such as IT, metalwork and sewing.

Students work very hard, hoping for the opportunity to go to university. This is now an attainable dream. In the past, many students returned to their families and an uncertain future after completing their studies at SKSN, not having the opportunity to use their education. However there is now a University Scholarship Program - which will provide funding for those with the highest grades to attend university.

In the coming year 2 girls, Manju and Hema, and 14 boys will attend Jodhpur university. Independence is the goal of the schooling, to allow both the young men and women to be self supporting. The goal of Hema, an attractive 18 year-old, is to open her own business - a beauty parlour. This is a great ambition for a girl, who 3 years before only went out of the house to go to school to avoid the unwanted attention given her due to her disability.