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Name: Chain Singh
Father's Name: Sh. Deep Singh
Village & Post: Bhawad
Tehsil: Osiyan District Jodhpur

My father was a poor and backward farmer. We were four brothers and sisters in our family. I was the youngest among them. When I was three year old, my grandmother died. At that time father's economic condition was not good and drought took incarnation in this area. My father had to sell 25 bighas land because he had to do "Mausar" of his dead mother. It is a religious custom in which many sweets are served to the villagers. When I was twelve years old then my father died also. I had to face many problems in my childhood. I had to depend on my elder brothers and I was completely illiterate. I had been helping my mother when I was around fifteen or sixteen and I was married during this period.

My brothers took bribe of twenty five thousand rupees from my father-in-law and I was married to a handicapped girl. I could not understand the trick of them. I opposed for the bribe but my feeling was crushed. In spite of these problems I did not lose my heart. After some time my brothers and their wives began to upbraid my wife. At last I decided to take share from my father's property because I wanted to spend a peaceful life. I have to struggle for the division of my father's property. After struggle I got my share and began to live in a muddy hut with my wife in the farm. At present I have eight children among them one girl and one boy are handicapped. But we cannot do against the wish of God. I always behave well with my wife and children. The sources of my income are farming and tamming. The relatives of my wife are helping us whenever we need.

I am worried about my handicapped children that how they will manage their future life. The unemployment problem is rising day by day in India. It is not easy to marry a handicapped girl in our society so I am very worried about the future of my girl. Her marriage may be possible only when she can learn something to earn.

At present my both children are studying in Sucheta Kriplani Shiksha Niketan Manaklao. It is boon for my poor children. They find there all kinds of facilities free of cost. They feel there like their own home.