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My name is Bhanu Singh. I am reading in class Vth. I was born on 11th August, 1990 in Bhavad Village. My father is a poor farmer. He has a few bighas (acres) land. We are eight brothers and sister in our family. In this way total members of our family are ten. My mother is handicapped. All the members of my family are depend on my father's income which is not sufficient for our essential needs. My mother was too disabled to do her domestic affairs. She had to look after us in spite of her disability. We are living in this time from hand to mouth.

When I became eight, I had to go to school. The school was two km. far from my residence and I had to go on foot. It was very tiresome for me. The children always mocked at me saying you are a lame boy. Hearing these words, I became disappointed. They were not agreeing to play the games with us. They usually tortured me wherever they get chance. So I had to play only with my brothers and sisters. I began to hate for my disability. They upbraided not only me but also my mother. My sister is handicapped also.

In this condition I spent two years and passed second class. One day I was going to school then I came across two gentlemen who belonged to my village. Seeing my condition they came to my home in the evening and advised my father to admit both of us (handicapped brother and sister) in Sucheta Kriplani Shiksha Niketan Manaklao. But because of the illiteracy of my father, we reached there a bit late. He considered again and again on the advice of those gentlemen and at last he agreed to admit us. We were admitted here on 1st July 2000. At that time I was very weak in my study so I was again admitted in Class II. Now I am studying in Vth standard and progressing well. I am living here in hostel which has been built only for handicapped children. At present four hundred thirty students are living in the hostel. All kinds of facilities are being provided free of cost without making any kind of difference on caste and creed. We get here better food than our homes.

I do not only play Lazeum but also play cricket in the evening. Our P.T.I. Shri Amar Singh gives us proper instruction for our games activities. I always worked hard to get good marks. Our devoted teachers teach us with proper methods. We can follow their teaching easily and whenever we ask them to explain any point again, they do it without any anger. They love us like their children. Here I do not feel that I am a handicapped child.

In future I want to become a teacher because I have understood here that teaching is the greatest occupation in the world. Teacher is the builder of nation. So I want to put carved stones in the foundation of India.