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Out of 550 students, SKSN bears full responsibility for the welfare of 210 children, most of whom are girls. This responsibility entails:
  1. All food costs
  2. All drinking water costs since the water from the normal supply is undrinkable
  3. Accommodation
  4. All educational costs
  5. All medical costs, including calipers, specialist operations, wheelchairs, and crutches
  6. Sundries, such as clothing, toiletries
In addition to this, the other costs borne by SKSN are:
  1. Total salaries for the primary school teachers
  2. 20% of the salaries for the secondary school teachers
  3. Total salaries for the senior secondary school teachers
  4. Total salary costs for all administration staff
  5. Total salary costs for all other ancillary staff
  6. Other amenities, such as diesel expenses for the generator (as the electricity from the normal power supply is rather sparse and unreliable) and the school vehicles, building maintenance, telephone bills, some school furniture
The remaining 342 children are part-funded by the State Government of Rajasthan. They provide SKSN with just over 7.50 a month (Rupees 607.50), per child, for all their meals, 1 uniform, barbering, electricity and drinking water. SKSN's contribution towards these 342 children is an additional 10%.

Since it costs just under 20 per month to provide each child with a decent standard of living and education, SKSN's survival is always dependent on its kind-hearted donors - Our Partners and many caring, compassionate and thoughtful individuals who have never let the SKSN kids down.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all those who have been generous with their time and contributions.