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Throughout the school day students visit the Orthotic Workshop.


One little girl, Mang Kanwar, with a bi-polar disability (both legs have been affected by polio), comes for an assessment as to whether calipers would actually help her to be more mobile.

Manoranjan Mallick, the Orthotics Unit Manager, looks at her clinical assessment and examines her limbs. Mang Kanwar requires full-length calipers to help her stand upright and walk.

But upon examination, Manoranjan discovers that Mang Kanwar has developed a deformity in her back from all the years she has been walking on her bottom.

To provide Mang Kanwar with extra support, Manoranjan has to make a cast of her back. The brace will not only aid her movement, but it will also stop the deformity from worsening.


Mang Kanwar can now walk thanks to the lightweight aids that Take Action has helped to supply to the SKSN student population.